TX-NR616AE ,

7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

Escape into THX®-Certified Surround Sound—Now with AirPlay

Movie, music, and gaming enthusiasts can now step up to realistic THX® Select2 Plus™-certified surround sound for less money down with the TX-NR616AE Network A/V Receiver. Onkyo’s WRAT system with three-stage inverted Darlington amp circuitry delivers cinema-like power. With Audyssey DSX® expansion, you can add Front Height channels, while 2EQ® acoustic correction guarantees optimal performance in any room shape. Eight HDMI® inputs handle 3D content, HD audio, and up to 4K video upscaling with Qdeo™ technology. The MHL™ input lets you connect a smart phone for smooth 1080p playback on your TV. Music lovers are treated to wireless audio streaming from iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and personal computer via the integrated AirPlay system. Network access also offers a choice of preconfigured internet radio and cloud-based music streaming services, along with multi-format audio streaming from PC or NAS. Intuitive control across multiple zones comes via Onkyo remote apps for iPod touch/iPhone and Android phone, while a Quick Set-Up button on the remote is available for instant mid-program adjustments. Visual input selection with InstaPrevue™ technology rounds out what is an exceptionally refined and affordable THX receiver.

Liberate Your Music with AirPlay

Expand your playback options and revel in the freedom of fully integrated AirPlay for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and iTunes-equipped personal computers. Just select your home theater as the destination for your wireless audio stream, sit back, and immerse yourself in the superlative sonic performance of your Onkyo A/V system. Personal computers (both Mac and PC) with appropriate iTunes software can also send high-fidelity audio over the network to your home theater.

Using AirPlay

THX® Select2 Plus™ Certified

THX Select2 Plus certification is specified for rooms where the screen-to-seat viewing distance is three to four meters and the room volume is around 56 cubic meters. To achieve THX Select2 Plus certification, the TX-NR616AE had to meet the world’s most demanding standards for home theater audio quality and performance, and play at reference volume levels with minimal distortion.

Audyssey DSX® and Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz for Three-Dimensional Surround Sound

The TX-NR616AE incorporates surround-sound technologies from Audyssey and Dolby to offer greater flexibility in the setup of your home theater. Audyssey DSX can expand 5.1-channel audio soundtracks to incorporate additional Front Height channels, while the Dolby system also adds two Height channels and stereo source expansion. A seven-channel set-up provides a more detailed, realistic, and three-dimensional soundtrack, with the extra channels carrying subtle directional and ambient effects.

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