TX-NR535 ,

5.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

Time to Join the Ultra HD Revolution

Packing 5.2 channels of pure Onkyo muscle, your 60 fps Ultra HD gaming or movie experience comes to life with the TX-NR535. Seven 4K/60 Hz-ready HDMI® 2.0 terminals, inbuilt Wi-Fi® for hi-res audio streaming, onboard Bluetooth, and all the leading internet streaming services pre-loaded—this powerful entertainment hub is ready for anything. To deliver authentic hi-fi performance, the TX-NR535 features a high-current power supply, discrete low-distortion amps, and state-of-the-art processing for high-resolution audio. Whether you’re taste-testing on Spotify, kicking back with a favorite CD, or cranking the latest Hollywood blockbuster, this receiver serves up that classic Onkyo sound: big soundstage, superb timing, brilliant definition, and enough low-end grunt to make your speakers sing. An ideal blend of cutting-edge technology and old-school analog power, the TX-NR535 is also easy to use. Everything from quick speaker adjustments to wireless streaming from smartphone and NAS is made simple with our remote app. At this pricepoint, there’s simply no better way to turn everyday entertainment into a spectacular event.

Future-Ready with HDMI® 2.0

Imagine playing the latest RPG blockbuster on your Ultra HDTV at a breathtaking 60 frames per second. Now add thunderous 5.2-channel surround sound from Onkyo. With every HDMI terminal on your TX-NR535 receiver supporting 4K/60 Hz, all this and more is possible. Even if you’re not planning on upgrading your current display right away, it’s good to know your Onkyo receiver is ready for the future of gaming and video entertainment.

Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth Inside

The TX-NR535 has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology built in. No wires, no dongles, no mess. Complete the one-time Wi-Fi setup, download our streaming and control app, and you’ve got a full range of remote control and audio streaming features in the palm of your hand. You can also pair your Bluetooth-capable device and stream direct to your home theater. With Advanced Music Optimizer DSP compensating for compression, music via Bluetooth has never sounded better.

Stream from Smartphone and Tablet

For instant lossless or high-resolution audio streaming, just tap on the Onkyo Remote App icon on your smartphone and you’ll find your music is loaded up and ready to stream, with all the playback features you’re used to. Your receiver switches on automatically, selects your preferred playback mode, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Stream Hi-Res Audio from PC and NAS

Some A/V receivers might boast high-resolution capability, but few have been engineered for universal compatibility and ultimate ease of use like ours. Use the remote app to quickly locate and stream your 192/24 and 96/24 hi-res albums from PC or NAS and discover how truly amazing music can sound on an A/V receiver built for high-definition audio.

Hi-Fi Power and Fidelity

WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) is all about current. You need lots of it to stay in control when speaker impedance fluctuates, and to hang on without clipping as the soundtrack suddenly explodes into action. We use a massive high-power transformer to drive discrete, low-negative-feedback amps that cut distortion and preserve the energy of music. Combined with high-resolution processing, the TX-NR535 packs a colossal punch for movies but still retains the pure musicality you need for two-channel playback.

AccuEQ Calibration for Balanced Surround Sound

As part of our Emotion, Delivered audio concept, which brings together technologies that significantly improve sound quality, Onkyo has developed a powerful AccuEQ room calibration system. AccuEQ accurately measures and corrects speaker distances, levels, crossovers, and frequency response from one easy listening position to ensure a clear and balanced soundfield. And for movie buffs seeking the ultimate multichannel experience, AccuEQ enables playback of native 7.1-channel formats at 96 kHz, with no down-sampling, so hi-res soundtracks can be enjoyed exactly as the director intended.

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