TX-NR525 ,

5.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

More Features, Better Sound for First-Time Buyers

The TX-NR525 has everything you need in an A/V receiver. There’s wireless-ready networking with an expanded choice of internet streaming services to browse from your smartphone. You can send a range of audio formats from computer and NAS to the home theater, or stream music stored on iPhone and Android devices using our remote app. We’ve included six HDMI® inputs for your media players and gaming consoles, enabled 4K video passthrough, and supported the latest hi-res audio and 3D video codecs. And it’s a really simple receiver to use—our hi-def user interface even has thumbnail video previews so you can select content at a glance. Remote app control extends beyond the living room to the kitchen or deck, for example. Most importantly, the TX-NR525 delivers exceptionally good sound without blowing the budget. Five discrete amplifiers and a 192 kHz/24-bit TI Burr-Brown DAC pumps out thrilling surround for games and movies, while offering superb two-channel performance to the hi-fi enthusiast. Inclusions such as banana plug-compatible speaker posts and upgraded Audyssey MultEQ® room equalization make the TX-NR525 the best deal around for first-time buyers.

Supports 4K Video Content

With 4K televisions, media players, and projectors already on the market, it’s good to know your A/V receiver is fully compatible with this high display resolution technology. Passthrough of native 4K (or four times Full HD) from source devices to an appropriate display is supported on the TX-NR525.

Easy Input Source Selection

We think switching between games, movies, and cable TV should be easy. InstaPrevue™ technology names your devices and displays video thumbnails instead of anonymous port numbers. You can preview connected content from the Input Selection menu, and choose an HDMI source without having to remember what device is connected where.

Music Streaming and Internet Radio Services

Use our remote app to send a big range of hi-res, lossless, and compressed formats—including FLAC and Apple Lossless—from NAS and PC to your home theater. The TX-NR525 comes preloaded with the most popular music streaming and internet radio services, such as Spotify and TuneIn Radio, which you can browse using the app. You can also stream the songs stored on your iPhone or Android device directly to your receiver for playback.

Note: Availability of streaming services depends on region. Some services may require a firmware update. Availability of third-party services advertised here is accurate at the time of publication, but may be subject to change without notice.

Phase-Matching Bass Enhancement

Onkyo’s PM Bass optimizes low frequencies while preserving mid-range clarity. It counters phase shifting (which can negatively affect sound quality) by synchronizing the timing of different frequencies. The result is deep, well-defined bass that won’t blur vocals or strings.

Audyssey MultEQ®

MultEQ calibrates and equalizes your system to optimize the sound for the shape of your room. Measuring six listening positions, MultEQ applies resolution filters to satellites and subwoofers to create a more balanced soundstage.

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