TX-NR1010 ,

7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

The Ultimate Seven-Channel Home Theater Solution

The TX-NR1010 Network A/V Receiver has the power to drive your entertainment
to an exhilarating new level. A massive transformer sends power through
Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry to guarantee THX® Ultra2 Plus™-certified
audio. Video performance eclipses the competition, with a Dual Core
Video Engine upscaling content to 1080p—and upwards to 4K with a compatible
display—using HQV®, Qdeo™ and ISF technology. A powerful hub for house-wide
entertainment, the unit has nine HDMI® inputs (including frontside MHL™
for smart phones) and two outputs— one with ARC for your main display,
another for HD video in a second zone. Multi-room entertainment is streamlined
with Onkyo’s remote control apps, while InstaPrevue™ input selection
and an HDMI-enabled GUI simplify operation. Whether streaming online
music, immersing yourself in an RPG, or experiencing a 3D movie with
DTS-HD Master Audio™, reality-shifting surround sound technologies such
as Audyssey MultEQ® XT32, DTS Neo:X™, Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz, and Audyssey
DSX® place you in the center of the action. For serious users—who will
appreciate bi-amping capability, differential DAC mode, and Digital Processing Crossover Network for bi-wiring audiophile-grade monitors—there is simply
no better AVR in its price range.

THX® Ultra2 Plus® Certified

The ultimate benchmark for home audio performance, THX Ultra2 Plus is specified for rooms where the screen-to-seat viewing distance is more than four meters and the room volume is 85 cubic meters or greater. To achieve THX Ultra2 Plus certification, the TX-NR1010 must meet the world’s most demanding standards for home theater audio quality and performance, and must play at reference volume levels with minimal distortion.

House-wide Audio and Video Entertainment

Now there’s a way to share your hi-def content on a second TV—say, a wall-mounted flat-screen in the kitchen or bedroom—without having to buy and connect another Blu-ray player or set-top box. Connect your additional display using the receiver’s Zone 2 HDMI output to enjoy the same program, or two different HD sources, in both rooms. Naturally, this receiver also powers audio in two other zones by assigning Front Wide or Front High channel outputs. Playback of audio and video is easily controlled with the main system remote or Onkyo remote control app.

Innovative Design and Quality Construction

The TX-NR1010 receiver is built to deliver superb sound quality. Processing equipment and amplifier circuits are housed separately to limit electrical interference, while PLL (Phase Locked Loop) jitter cleaning preserves signal integrity by eliminating digital clock noise. The amplifier’s Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry—an enhancement to the core WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) concept—and VLSC™ system ensures minimal distortion. Quality circuitry dovetails with a heavy-duty power supply for instantaneous response to signal gains. The resulting sound is reliably pure, even under heavy loads.

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