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TV Speaker System

Widescreen Sound is Elegantly Simple

Once you’ve experienced TV sound enhanced by a quality speaker system, there’s no going back. But finding the right setup can be confusing—some soundbars rival full-blown home theater in complexity and price. If you’re looking for something that saves space, sounds great, and is simple to use, then the Onkyo LS-T30 is for you. It brings together proven Hi-Fi technology with hassle-free operation and stylish construction. It’s designed to support TVs up to 70 inches and connects using just one cable. A huge 16 cm subwoofer joins four full-range speakers to produce dynamic, deep, and detailed sound. Four optimized DTS Studio Sound™ modes get the best performance from any content, and it’s compatible with high-quality Dolby® Digital-encoded DVDs and HD broadcasts. Best of all, your LS-T30 doubles as a powerful stereo system—you can stream almost any audio from mobile and PC via Bluetooth or connect a media player via the 3.5 mm audio input. Low-profile styling blends with your TV and décor, so you can fill your room with sensational sound—not bulky speakers.

Easy Operation with Your TV Remote

The LS-T30 comes preprogrammed with IR codes for nine major TV brands. This means you can use your TV remote to control the unit right out of the box. It switches on automatically with your television and responds to TV remote volume commands. Other functions are handled via the supplied remote, but for everyday use, the LS-T30 is set-and-forget, seamlessly replacing flat-screen sound with immersive TV audio.

Designed to Support Large TVs

Constructed from solid MDF—a material commonly used to make top-quality Hi-Fi speakers—the cabinet is designed to support displays of up to 60 kg and 70 inches. A generous 36 cm of depth easily accommodates large TV stands, and at almost a meter in width, the LS-T30 projects audio deep and wide into your room.

Stream Music from Mobiles with Bluetooth

With Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR capability, you can wirelessly stream almost any audio from PC, mobile, or tablet to your LS-T30. Pairing takes just moments and you can hear everything from albums on Spotify to your local MP3 library with clear and vibrant stereo sound. Versatile and convenient, Bluetooth audio streaming adds a new dimension to your LS-T30 TV Speaker System.

Four Optimized DTS Studio Sound™ Modes

The LS-T30 uses DTS Studio Sound DSP modes specially optimized by Onkyo to extract the best possible audio performance from different programs. These include:
Stereo Mode
Frequency response is optimized to make music enveloping and natural in your listening space. Bass is smooth and rich, mid-range clear and spacious, and the soundstage wide and enveloping. It’s an energetic and enjoyable listen that brings out the best in all kinds of music.

Surround Sound Mode
Customized DSP technology produces a convincing surround effect for movies, TV programs, and games. Dialog floats in the center of the image while directional effects are precisely positioned around you, wrapping you deeper into your favorite programs.
Voice Mode
This mode elevates dialog clarity while maintaining a smooth and balanced response for voice-focused programs such as documentaries, sitcoms, news, and current affairs. Advanced algorithms pick out and enhance dialog from complex background audio information.
Standard Mode
Some listeners prefer a neutral sound. Onkyo includes a Standard Mode that applies minimal DSP correction for balanced and natural performance from a range of media.

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