HT-S9400THX ,

7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver/Speaker Package

All-Purpose Home Theater Package with High-Class Speakers

As Onkyo’s top packaged system, the THX® I/S Plus-certified HT-S9400THX boasts a speaker set to savor. All seven speakers employ a two-way design with A-OMF cone woofers for superb mid-range clarity. The matching powered subwoofer delivers awesome low-end for even the most demanding music, movies, and games. As well as handling internet radio and PC audio sent over a home network, the system’s receiver offers a bevy of handy connections. Four 3D-ready HDMI® inputs take care of high-def content, such as lossless audio from Dolby or DTS, and video upscaled to spectacular 4K resolution via Qdeo™ technology. A front-panel USB input provides a digital link for iPod/iPhone audio. Other inputs let you incorporate PC video, Onkyo peripherals, and countless other playback sources. Audyssey technologies enable you to customize the soundstage, dynamics, and volume, while interactive on-screen menus let you navigate your content with ease. When it comes to all-in-one home entertainment, the HT-S9400THX oozes class from first to last.

THX® Integrated System Plus Certified and THX Processing for Music, Movies, and Gaming

THX Integrated System (I/S) Plus is a category for home theater systems that ensures full-blown THX performance and state-of-the-art technologies in an affordable, all-in-one receiver-speaker package. Geared to gamers and budding audiophiles, THX I/S Plus systems are ideal for small home theaters where the screen-to-seat viewing distance is approximately 2.5 meters. All components within the system—the receiver, speakers, and amplifier—are tested by THX to make sure they work harmoniously together. In addition to THX certification, each system comes with THX® Surround EX™; THX listening modes for music, movies, and games; and THX® Loudness Plus™, a volume-control technology for low-volume listening.

4K Video Upscaling and Processing via Qdeo™ Technology

The HT-S9400THX offers full 4K (3840 x 2160) upscaling of standard video sources such as 480i/p, 720p, and 1080i/p. Interlaced-to-progressive conversion and scaling are performed by high-quality Qdeo technology from Marvell. Qdeo is a versatile video processor that uses algorithms designed to erase video noise and artifacts such as jaggies and feathering. Played back on a compatible wide-screen display, your Blu-ray Discs and DVDs will look more detailed and cinematic than ever.

A-OMF (Advanced Onkyo Micro Fiber) Diaphragm

Onkyo’s proprietary A-OMF diaphragms incorporate a PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) layer with a flexible cotton weave that helps to make them stronger and more resistant to heat. Speakers using this diaphragm type achieve improved mid-range clarity and imaging, which in turn produces an astonishingly vivid, natural sound.

Supplied Accessories

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