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Onkyo Technology Combines to Deliver its Best High-End Speakers Yet

The D-509 home theater speaker package delivers stunning hi-fi musicality, particularly when partnered with an Onkyo A/V network receiver featuring the new Digital Processing Crossover Network. When so paired in a bi-amped configuration, audio signals are digitally processed within the receiver, rather than being sent through less precise speaker crossovers. As well as more accurately controlling frequency crossover points, the digital processing system reduces interference and promotes greater power efficiency. The technology produces a more expansive mid-range that is outputted through sensitive N-OMF drivers and high-quality ring-type tweeters. To handle bass frequencies, Onkyo has equipped each front monitor with two 13 cm woofers featuring A-OMF Monocoque cones—a strong and lightweight blend of polyethylene, cotton, and aramid fiber. The home theater package is made complete with an acoustic-suspension center cabinet boasting twin N-OMF woofers and tweeter, plus two surround speakers with an N-OMF woofer and tweeter each. This classically styled speaker set includes gold-plated, banana plug-compatible audio terminals and is fastidiously finished in glossy piano black.

Enjoy the Talents of Our New Mid-Range Drivers

Onkyo’s high-end N-OMF speaker cone laminate provides the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity needed for high-fidelity sound reproduction. Aramid fiber gives the requisite strength for a fast and precise response, while four layers of lightweight non-woven cotton absorb unwanted vibrations, infusing mid-range frequencies—in particular, vocals and dialogue in movies—with a vivid and natural warmth.

Speaker Drivers (D-509E)

Deep Bottom End Carries Your Movies and Music

Onkyo A-OMF polymer alternates layers of polyethylene naphthalate for stiffness, synthetic aramid fibers for strength, and lightweight non-woven cotton for flexibility. The resulting laminate is ideal for transmitting low-frequency sounds with speed and accuracy. The D-509E front monitors feature twin A-OMF Monocoque woofers. These may be connected to the receiver in a bi-amping configuration, with the bass woofers and mid-range drivers drawing their own separate and exclusive supplies of power. This results in greater overall efficiency and an improved ability to respond to large dynamic gains.

Designed for Onkyo’s New Digital Processing Crossover Network

Onkyo A/V receivers released in 2012—from the mid-range TX-NR818
model and up—feature a Digital Processing Crossover Network. Technology
on board the receiver parses and directs frequencies to the appropriate
speakers, selecting crossover points with a greater degree of accuracy
than traditional speaker crossovers are capable of. As well as eliminating
interference at crossover points, the technology is able to expand
the frequency range covered by the mid-range drivers, which creates
a clearer and more expansive sound. Bi-wiring and bi-amping frees
woofers and drivers to focus their power exclusively on the frequency
range they were designed to handle.

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