CS-255 ,

CD Hi-Fi Mini System

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While there is always a place for all-in-one docking systems, you can’t beat a punchy amp and separate speakers for an authentic stereo experience. The CS-255 CD Hi-Fi Mini System combines deeply satisfying audio quality—beyond what you would expect from such a compact and affordable system—with playback support from a wide range of sources. Getting the tunes flowing is easy—just pop your iPhone 5 into the charging dock and send music through the digital amp and out the weighty two-way bookshelf speakers, which each boast a 10 cm woofer and 2 cm balanced-dome tweeter. The USB port connects older iPhone and iPod models, flash memory drives loaded with MP3 files, as well as USB-compatible smartphones, with track selection supported via the system remote. Then there’s a front-loading CD player, an FM tuner capable of storing 30 of your favorite stations, and a 3.5 mm analog input to connect other media players. All that remains is for you to sit back, relax, and listen as your music comes alive.

Direct Digital Charging Dock for iPhone 5

Dock your iPhone 5, iPod touch (5G), or iPod nano (7G) via the Lightning Connector and recharge the device while you listen. The receiver automatically detects your device, selects dock input, and allows you to use the system remote to quickly navigate to your desired track. Audio signals are transported in pure digital form—bypassing the docked device’s analog conversion and gain circuits—for noticeably clearer, deeper, and more realistic sound.

Connect, Charge, and Play via USB

Users of legacy iPhone and iPod models can link up in moments via the front-panel charging USB port, which also enables direct-digital audio transfer on these devices. If your smartphone or tablet features a mini-USB port, you can quickly access the MP3 files stored on the device as well. You can also plug in a flash memory drive and use the system remote to select an MP3 library—no hassle, and no fuss.

Compact and Solid Two-Way Speakers

The CS-255 includes a pair of two-way bass-reflex-type speakers that incorporate a 10 cm woofer and a 2 cm balanced-dome tweeter. The cabinets feature stylish rounded edges and a front-to-rear taper that helps reduce internal standing waves—an unwanted acoustic resonance that can muddy the sound. Compact in size yet surprisingly robust, these magnetically shielded speakers fit comfortably and sound great almost anywhere you choose to place them.

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