Notice of Firmware Update for TX-NR3007

A firmware update for the TX-NR3007 network receiver is available through the unit’s network connection or USB input. The latest update includes the following content:
As of 1 October 2010
• Increases the stability of network operations;
• Improves the playback of some particular files;
• Improves the processing of DSD for output to subwoofer.
As of 15 June 2010
• Stabilizes operation immediately after power is turned on (thereby avoiding problems of no sound output after the A/V receiver has been in Standby mode for an extended time with network control enabled);
• Improves the playback stability of selected WMA internet radio stations;
• Reduces the delay of sound output for internet radio in Zone 2.
As of 23 February 2010
• Improves operation with Windows 7 “Play To” by correcting the problem of lossy playback of DRM-protected 24 bit/96 kHz WMA Lossless files;
• Enhances S/N ratio during playback of 24 bit/96 kHz content via USB memory device or DLNA server;
• Reduces sound of speaker relay switching;
• Improves efficiency of iPod charging.
As of 22 December 2009
• Improves the functionality of automatic speaker-setup in Bi-amp mode or when a passive subwoofer is connected;
• Improves on-screen display menus.
As of 19 November 2009
• Improves the display of Chinese menus.
As of 28 October 2009
• Improves picture quality for iPod/iPhone through the UP-A1 Dock for the iPod;
• Enhances the operability of internet radio.
Precautions for TX-NR3007 Firmware Update
• The firmware update may fail if an external HDMI control signal is input during the update procedure. Please be sure to turn off the HDMI control function (RIHD) on your A/V receiver before starting the update.
How to turn off RIHD:

In the Main menu select “7. Hardware Setup”, then “7-4. HDMI”.
Set “HDMI Control” to OFF.

• Please read the update instructions carefully before beginning.
• The firmware update should take 30 to 40 minutes. Once the update begins, don’t turn off the power supply to the A/V receiver until it is time to restart it.
• Depending on the conditions of the network, a firmware update via a network may take more than one hour or even fail to finish. If the update is not completed within two hours, turn off the power supply by pushing the ON/STANDBY button and then try updating again from the beginning.
• Updating the firmware and adjusting the settings will be done automatically, but may take some time to complete. Please follow the procedures as instructed when you update. Note that the update may fail, or cause problems for your A/V receiver, if you do any of the following:
• Pull out the A/V receiver’s power cord;
• Interrupt the power supply to the A/V receiver (e.g. if the breaker is tripped or if there is an electrical outage);
• Insert or remove the LAN cable from a device in your network when updating over a network;
• Insert or remove a USB memory device from the A/V receiver when updating via USB;
• Operate components connected to the A/V receiver via HDMI, such as a TV or a recording device.

If your A/V receiver is damaged for any of the reasons above, an Onkyo service center will repair the unit for a fee.
How to Install Firmware Update for TX-NR3007
Click below for instructions on how to install the update. Instructions cover (1) direct update over network connection and (2) update via USB.


Click below to download the firmware update to your PC, for subsequent installation on your receiver via its USB port.