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7 OMF (Onkyo Micro Fiber)
The OMF speaker diaphragm fibers provide a fast and accurate response. OMF is made from a pure cotton weave that helps absorb vibrations.omf01


a-omf01 A-OMF Monocoque
A-OMF Monocoque shares the same composition as A-OMF, but features a one-piece cone construction covering center cap. In some lower quality speaker cones, unwanted vibration can come from the center cap. With A-OMF Monocoque construction, the center cap and woofer are covered by a single diaphragm, dramatically reducing vibration and improving audio accuracy.a-omf01 
a-omf02 A-OMF (Advanced Onkyo Micro Fiber)
The A-OMF speaker diaphragm fibers provide an extremely fast and accurate response. A-OMF incorporates a PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) layer with a flexible cotton weave. We then added an aramid layer to create New A-OMF.a-omf02 
Aero Acoustic Drive
Poorly designed bass reflex speakers will be affected by membrane overshoot and poor transient response behavior. Typically, slit ducts are used to mask any noise and reduce distortion. Through our own research of different duct shapes, Onkyo has developed a duct—the Aero Acoustic Drive—that more effectively separates low and high frequencies, thereby ensuring a more powerful and natural sound.aeroacoustic01 
V-Line Edge
A v-shaped edge has been incorporated on the outer circumference of the woofer (the surround and the basket) to remove any vibrations that can negatively affect the output sound.vline01